ABV Consulting Inc. Listed In U.S. Ticker: ABVN in Asia

ABV Consulting Inc. Listed In U.S. Ticker: ABVN is a US listed company incorporated on 15 Oct, 2013. We provide professional analysis on corporations, markets and industries for investors and clients in order to tailor-make specific investment project to suit their needs.



Mr. William Wong Wai Lim

Over 25 years of experience in various positions across Sales and Marketing industry, Mr. William Wong is not only a leadership role among the colleagues, but also a responsible and trustful person to enhance previous films’ development and expansion.


Our Vision

Professional, integrity, respectful and sincere sprit is our motto to work with each enterprise, whatever they are in different countries, industry and size of business.



“One Belt, One Road” Tourism Industry Fund

  • Firefly Adventure Theme Park
  • Malaysia No.1 Conceptual Hotel
  • Perdana Quay Eco Marine Park Pantai Kok, Lankawi Development

Dickson Bay

  • Splash Park
  • Royal Kamuela Spa Village
  • Hilton DoubleTree Hotel


大连鑫农生态都市主题公园 is a project that combines both agriculture and technology with urbanization. The theme park spreads over 6700 acres which comprises a Techno-agricultural area and an Ecology area.


  • Splash Park
  • Evergreen Arts Stars (China) Cultural Video Media Company Limited
  • Beijing Olympic Stars Development Limited